Class Blog and Participation: 20%

Students are required to submit 1 reading response on the class blog (worth 15%). Students will be required to sign up for readings during the first week of class. Students are also required to actively engage with classmate’s responses by commenting on posts at least 5 times during the semester (worth 5%). Blog posts should be 250-500 words in length and demonstrate a close reading of the required material.

Students will receive full marks by making connections between the course material, activism, other scholarship and literature, popular culture, blogs, and social media, the work of NGOs, community groups, local events, and/or visual art. If you refer to outside materials and experiences, please include a hyperlink or visual, and describe it in detail to ensure readers understand the connections you are making.

Reading responses should be written as a formal assignment, but you should use the first person (e.g. “I think”).


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