1. an immoral or dissolute woman; prostitute.
2. Obsolete . a dirty, slovenly woman.

The term slut has been used against women negatively throughout the course of history, dating as far back as the late 15th century.
Once this label is stamped on some unlucky girl’s forehead who seemed too flirtatious, she will get to endure the wonders of slut-shaming. Over time the magnitude of slut-shaming has increased tenfold, a woman can be criticized over the shortness of her skirt, her drinking habits, etc.Even rape is considered a justifiable act if its just some ‘drunk slut’ and most rapists get away without any charges because of slut-shaming.

Personally, I like the idea of SlutWalks because it gives women a chance to come together to participate in peaceful protesting and speak out. It was only after reading Amanda Watson’s article “The SlutWalk Paradox”, that I became aware of the complications these SlutWalks were creating. The author points out how SlutWalks can be seen as racist because of “baring skin implies liberation”, this singles out muslim women and is seen as white feminism (according to transnational feminists). Another problem Watson talks about is how “raunch” was used to make a political statement and gain the attention of the mass media, “On the one hand, we’re expressing our sexuality to politicize and resist our sexual repression in the public domain. On the other hand, we surrender to the very gaze we resist by relenting…”. It seems that stripping in public is the only way for women to gain political attention, which does not surprise me. If you look back at the long battle for woman suffrage, it took approximately 70 years before women would get to vote; and that is with their clothes on. The tactics SlutWalks use may not be considered ‘moral’, but I see using the mass media to their advantage as smart and a common occurrence. Quite a few people use the media in their favor, for example politicians, terrorists and celebrities.



3 thoughts on “SlutWalk

  1. fembu14 says:

    good post! I also like the idea of SlutWalks because it makes a huge statement and gets people talking. I also think that SlutWalks are helping women reclaim the word “slut” which is awesome. -Solnage

  2. Amy Johnson says:

    I like how you said lots of others use the media for attention and publicity like celebrities, so if they aren’t being shamed for it then why are feminists being shamed for it?

  3. Mariah Swaine says:

    I myself am a very sexual person and I have no problem expressing myself in that way, so I absolutely love the SlutWalks that I’ve read about in articles and that they are getting more and more talked about. I think everyone should feel like they can be free to express themselves however they like because it is who they are. Every woman should be free to share their pleasure and never have to hide who they are, how they dress, or act how she wants. I myself love wearing tight clothes and having flirty conversations and just sex in general! If that makes me a slut…then I’m a slut and proud baby! It is never the woman’s fault if they get raped because of the way they dress or god forbid they have an opinion or just enjoy sex. No one should ever feel ashamed about who they are or how they want to express themselves. Thanks for the wonderful post Briana!

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