Sluts get raped?

After reading the first blog that was assigned for this week I found myself very moved. In the blog we see Katie describing the ultimate sex life as one that exists between two people in a relationship. I found this very interesting. All too often we miss the comments that imply such a thing. In the society we live in the only acceptable sexual relationships are ones between those in a relationship. Everyone else who is having sex with people outside of a relationship is a slut (the girls that is, lets not forget that men don’t get shamed for having numerous sexual partners).

How many of us have been to high school? How many of us labeled girls as sluts in high school? Me, I did and I’m not afraid to admit that. When word got out about a girl having multiple sexual partners outside of a relationship she was instantly a slut in my mind as well as many others. She was labeled. I never realised how wrong this was until I took this class. Why is it wrong to have sex for pleasure and not love? I can’t answer that question, I don’t think any of us can but, what troubles me even more is that as soon as a girl is a “slut” it’s okay to rape her. An example of this is Rehtaeh’s story.

Rehtaeh is a young girl that committed suicide after being raped by four boys. Amongst the rape a photo was taken of her that was then released to the public. After the photo was seen by the public instead of Rehtaeh being a victim of rape she was a slut. This baffles me! We are in a negative downfall where sexually active girls are sluts, and boys get to rape sluts because they are asking for it. And who pays the price? Girls like Rehtaeh because no one sticks up for the victim, they blame them.

This generation scares me, and what scares me more is the generations to come. Now is the time that we need to make a change.




7 thoughts on “Sluts get raped?

  1. fembu14 says:

    Really good post! I think the girls get labelled so quickly and easily and once you have been labelled it is hard to reverse it. Regardless someone being labelled as a “slut” or anything else is no excuse for rape. -Solange

  2. justjulia says:

    I also didn’t think about using the word “slut” so carelessly until this class. I realize now how I’ve been raised to think that sex outside of a committed relationship is wrong, and that anyone who does have sex for pleasure has a “slutty” side to them. I don’t know where I internalized these messages from.. but I have a feeling they come from the patriarchal encouragement and enforcement of monogamy and marriage as the “right” path.

  3. fembu14 says:

    This is a very good blog about rape! You have pointed out very interesting parts, all I can say is amen! I too called very many girls sluts in highschool without realizing what was actually coming out of my mouth. I never thought that my words were as harsh as they were. Thinking about Retaeh’s story and how she was not only raped but bullied too and committed suicide over it, I feel as though we all need a reality check when it comes to slut-shaming! – Samantha

  4. B.Chartrand says:

    i have never been the type of girl to get along or have many “girlfriends” so i could admit i remember in high school being called a slut because i had got along with guys better then girls. i found it easier to hang out with my brother and his friends because girls in high school were mean, rude and just plain out horrible at the time. Being called any names can have effect on the a individuals self-esteem and just like Rehtaeh’s story can result into something more horrifying as a young person taking their live. If only the education about this issue was reflected on in middle school i wonder if it would still be an issue or concern ? hmm


  5. fembu14 says:

    Powerful post! Love it! I also thought of some girls as sluts when I was in high school. Looking back on it now, I can’t believe it. I didn’t think about what I was saying (like so many others). I completely agree with you. Now is the time we need to make a change!

    -Kristen C

  6. fembu14 says:

    It is so easy to slut-shame, whether it’s judging a girl for what she is wearing or having sex with someone she is not in a relationship with. It is so easily thrown around by men and women. Yet, the difference is that we never call men sluts, and men don’t call other men sluts. So, why are women calling each other sluts? I don’t think men will ever learn that the word, ‘”slut” is not okay until us women stop using it to describe each other as well.


  7. Carissa Taylor says:

    Calling women sluts is demeaning in many ways. Slut-shaming is a way to ostracize women from others, because they are seen as less worthy of respect, love, or friendship than their peers. It also creates difficulties as it turns women into objects rather than as complete human beings. Besides influencing relationships with other women, it can influence relationships with men, causing them to assume that you want to have sex with any man, so you are incapable of saying no, which is bullshit.

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