Assumptions about Women of Colour

Coming into this class I never knew that racialized women in the past were thought of in such a terrible way, I was completely oblivious. As I read through the chapter “Queering Black Female Heterosexuality” by Kimberly Springer she opened my eyes to how many stereotypes follow black women in the form of sexuality. Many of these stereotypes are rooted from the years of slavery when black women were the victims of being raped by high class white men thus being seen as promiscuous. How ridiculous is it to see black women as promiscuous as a result of what their ancestors had to suffer through in the past. Even though we are far away from the era of slaves, women of colour remain to walk around with this stereotype. When I look at this I think that is terrible that black women are so far under the microscope that if they do express their sexuality they are considered to be “bitchy,” “promiscuous,” and “overly fertile”(Springer 80). As Kimberley states this can be commonly seen in music videos, however not just black women are seen in music videos showing their off their “stuff”. It is not a women’s race that makes them want to do something like that, it is a women’s personality. Black women are also highlighted in other media. For example in television when they do not express their sexuality such as Oprah, Clare Huxtable from The Crosby Show, and Renee Radick in Ally McBeal. (Spring 80). Since these women are not expressing their sexuality they are labeled as “closet lesbians” even though they are not.

When I look at all these few examples (which did not even cover half of them) I think that just because someone is not Caucasian that they are judged by society through the years on false accusations. When women do not choose to express their sexuality publicly that they are assumed to be a lesbian. Why can’t they just be women living their life the way they want, they just might be uncomfortable with the public knowing about their lives. I think that we judge and justify black women’s actions way past acceptable. They do or do not express their sexuality because they want or do not want too. I feel that we are putting to much pressure on both African-American and Caucasian women or just women in general. We are always being judged for what we do and do not do.


2 thoughts on “Assumptions about Women of Colour

  1. fembu14 says:

    Hi folks! Who posted this? Corinne

  2. Kyndall says:

    I had no idea either that women of colour were looked at that way either until this class. And I think it’s gross I will never understand the need for society to make these judgements on other people as if their the ones who are all knowing and deserving to make these judgements. If a women regardless of her colour wants to be promiscuous that doesn’t make her any less of human being and shouldn’t be treated less either. If they want to be keep their sexuality a secret that’s totally their right. Even if their lesbian why is that so taboo?? Society needs a kick in the ass and to make some adjustments, blaming the victims of rape and using that to justify black women as “slutty” is horrifying. Society went wrong somewhere and once everyone is more aware of what’s going on in the world we can put a stop to it.

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